segunda-feira, 15 de setembro de 2008

Vou te obrigar a desistir

Jonathan: I'm telling you, I keep running into her. I keep finding it.
It keeps happening.
She was at the golfrange. She's a big girl now with big hips. All right?
Then I gotta leave, 'cause Sara's gonna cut my hair, and
the guy in the taxi, he's serenading me, "Sara."
I'm telling you, the universe keeps revealing her to me,
screwing with my head.

Dean: You're getting married in three days.

Jonatahn: That's my point. It's entirely duplicitous.

Dean: Think about it. Why would you risk your relationship with Halley...
just to search for some pipe dream?

Jonathan: Just hear me out, man. I'm sure that I love Halley, all right?
And maybe every time you fall in love with somebody, it's a completely
different experience.
So it's a mistake to compare them. I get it, but...
It's like Halley is The Godfather, Partll.

Dean: She's what?

Jonathan: Godfather, Partll. That was an incredible movie.
Might be better than the original.
All right?
But no matter how much you love The Godfather, Partll,
you still have to see the original to understand and appreciate
the sequel, don't ya?

Obrigada, John Cusack.

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